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Evolving Chapter 1 – What do I currently have?

So the first thing to do is figure out exactly what content I have to work with. For the WordPress portion of the site, that’s simple. I installed the Dagon Design Sitemap Plugin (warning – lots of spammy comments, so that site may not be managed any longer) and created a sitemap of the blog portion of

I also simply eyeballed the site’s home page of to see how many sections of the site could be rolled over to my new personal site. It’s a lot to move over: photography, fractals, all of the Humor sections (jokes, optical illusions, and funny photographs (which may simply get deleted since I don’t think I own the copyright on any of them)). There are also a lot of my writings from before there were blogs that will be moved into the blog system. That will also make the site easier to navigate and maintain.

Ultimately my final goal is to have everything in the WordPress database. That may not be possible, but as far as I can do it I will. For example, my web traffic log reports output into shtml (server side include) files. I’d rather they were in my WordPress database. Can I copy and paste the tables and reports into a new page in WordPress? A little extra work, but that’s ok. Can I do the same thing with my Gallerie photo galleries? I think I’ll probably look around at the options available for photo management plugins for WordPress.