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Archive of posts filed under the Technology category.

Twitter Updates for 2015-03-11

If you have to call to get pricing of your cloud-based service, it’s too expensive #

Twitter Updates for 2015-03-10

@exaktime I really hope that your csr is able to get me removed from your mailing list. 3 times over the past 3 years, still getting email! #

Twitter Updates for 2015-03-04

Found and loving GyazMail since losing Eudora to the march of progress. #

Twitter Updates for 2015-02-23

What’s with the PressPublish spam from WordPress? How can I opt-out without ever having signed up for the emails in the first place? #

Twitter Updates for 2015-02-17

Here’s a new spammer to block: emailsentyou dot com #spam #spamblock #

Twitter Updates for 2015-02-10

A new spammer to block: #spam # So glad I left @Dotster a few years ago. Now they’re spamming me with a newsletter I never signed up for. #spam #

Twitter Updates for 2015-02-05

@roanoketimes When I opt out of your daily email newsletter, that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to opt me back in a few months later #

Twitter Updates for 2015-01-31

RT @jeffcarlson: Apple, really, "Save As" worked perfectly well. This whole new Lion make-a-duplicate-and-then-save model is a pain in the … #

Twitter Updates for 2015-01-26

@Dilbert_Daily I guess the pointy-haired boss is the one who keeps breaking the RSS feed that includes the daily comic strip. Sigh #

Twitter Updates for 2015-01-15

I love my @blauermfg boots, but I hate that you are sending me junkmail catalogs. Do you sell my info as well? May not order from you again #