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Archive of posts filed under the Technology category.

Twitter Updates for 2014-08-01

Another email marketer (aka spammer) to block: #

Twitter Updates for 2014-07-31

I got screwed again by Anthem Dental Insurance. This year I've wasted nearly $300 for a policy that doesn't have any providers near me #


I’m getting lots of requests on my sites for urls that include “RK=0″ as the end of the URL. I block all of those requests. Here are a couple links I’ve found that describe and discuss what those odd “RK=0″ requests are: Xenforo: Server Logs with RK=0/RS=2 …. I now know what these are The […]

Twitter Updates for 2014-07-26

It appears that American Express sends email out as, but that domain doesn't have a web site. Sigh. #

Twitter Updates for 2014-07-23

@SUBWAY Why in the world can't I add my receipt info to my Subway card online? We're well into the 21st century you know! #

Twitter Updates for 2014-07-10

@RoadID The "Finish" link on your First Responders donation thing doesn't seem to do anything, the page just stays there # @polleverywhere Why is your 1 minute intro video actually 2 minutes? Are your Poll results similarly math-challenged? #

Twitter Updates for 2014-07-09

@LewisGaleMed Seems odd that your Patient Portal isn't working. And your tech support person was clueless #

Twitter Updates for 2014-06-28

The Wii fit won't count more than 1,999 days. I was exceed to hit 2,000 a few days ago, but it won't happen! #

Twitter Updates for 2014-06-26

@redplumeditor Why am I getting your postal mailings again? Does your web site opt-out expire after 6 months? #

Twitter Updates for 2014-06-22

@awscloud Spammer using AmazonSES, how do I report it to you guys so you can kill his account? #