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Twitter Updates for 2014-08-19

Sites that use "sponsored posts" are in general less credible to me, even when they fully disclose the sponsorship. #

Twitter Updates for 2014-08-18

@claning Yeah, I know there are false positives. Email marketing sucks, even from places I've opted in when they choose bad firms to market in reply to claning # Ugh, another spammer / scammer,, at #

Twitter Updates for 2014-08-13

Another spammer to block: run by the fine folks at Experian. Yes the same "people" we trust with credit reports #

Twitter Updates for 2014-08-09

When you register a new domain, do not fall for scams like or who send you spam # RT @JamesBliss: Wow you are spammy b'stard extraordinaires. Monty Python would be proud. I'd be happy if you simply cea… #

Twitter Updates for 2014-08-06

@nfl Why do you guys keep emailing me? I've opted out of any email from you. Stop! # The only email I get from is spam #

Twitter Updates for 2014-08-05

Wow, over 7,400 attacks on WordPress' xmlrpc.php in the past two hours! #

Twitter Updates for 2014-08-01

Another email marketer (aka spammer) to block: #

Twitter Updates for 2014-07-31

I got screwed again by Anthem Dental Insurance. This year I've wasted nearly $300 for a policy that doesn't have any providers near me #


I’m getting lots of requests on my sites for urls that include “RK=0″ as the end of the URL. I block all of those requests. Here are a couple links I’ve found that describe and discuss what those odd “RK=0″ requests are: Xenforo: Server Logs with RK=0/RS=2 …. I now know what these are The […]

Twitter Updates for 2014-07-26

It appears that American Express sends email out as, but that domain doesn't have a web site. Sigh. #