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Archive of posts filed under the Tweets category.

Twitter Updates for 2017-05-01

Why did I just get @slashdot daily newsletter for the first time in years? Prefs randomly changed? Why was finding the prefs so hard? # @NWSBlacksburg Since when is tying a record a new record? That doesn’t make sense. Clarify your alerts please. in reply to NWSBlacksburg #

Twitter Updates for 2016-05-27

It sucks that @valpakcoupons added me back to their #junkmail list. Opt out (try to at least) at #

Twitter Updates for 2016-04-18

What’s the deal with an attacker appending ?x1 to a ton of URL requests? Hard to find info online with such a short generic searchstring #

Twitter Updates for 2016-03-17

@daringfireball Since Facebook owns Instagram, they won’t get “algorithmic feed order” right. Look at how mangled/awkward the FB feed is #

Twitter Updates for 2016-03-02

@daringfireball If the SB Chief wants to know who was called on the iPhone, can’t they get that from the phone’s billing records? #

Twitter Updates for 2016-02-25

@roanoketimes Why do you keep adding my email address to your mailing lists? Stop! That is aka spam. The daily obituaries!?! Sigh #

Twitter Updates for 2016-02-10

Resolution: I will stop reading blogs that use “Sponsored Posts.” I follow you b/c I want to read your thoughts, not those of an advertiser. #

Twitter Updates for 2015-11-27

Happy Thanksgiving! #

Twitter Updates for 2015-11-24

@DropboxSupport How about adding support for reading (not editing!) OpenOffice/LibreOffice files on iPad/iPhone? # Is there a way to disable seeing photos in people’s tweets? I’m not seeing it anywhere in the Account Settings area. #

Twitter Updates for 2015-11-09

@jeffr0 Typo on “How Not to Communicate Grievances with WordPress” change “they’re" to “their”in "Among other things, they’re job” Thanks #