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Evolving Introduction

For years I’ve been using as my primary web site, and I post everything on it. The site started as a bunch of static web pages, then used (and still does in many places) server side includes. I’ve posted photos, jokes, other miscellaneous information. Then I started blogging, using Bloxsom, and then switched to WordPress. My category list is enormous.

Well, I am now getting ready for the next step in the evolution of the web site. I am going to move the personal stuff off of over to another domain. I want to be a site that a new blogger (or an experienced blogger) can come to to learn about technology and related issues. And obviously a lot of the content on the current site is a distraction and clutters the message that I am a professional who knows what he’s talking about. So I’m going to streamline the site, move content around (e.g. the blog will be the top level, the journal directory will be no more), and end up with two sites: one covering technology and blogging issues, and one covering me and my life.

I plan to start this process shortly after Christmas, and being finished up sometime in January. I’ll be writing about my experiences in a series of posts here on PlanetMike, since I’m sure I will learn things that others will need to learn as well. A key part of this is to not break old URLs and links, like I wrote about a few days ago in Help Your Users: Don’t Break Old URLs.