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Verizon Billing Sucks II

Last month, Verizon screwed up my billing when I tried to change to a less expensive for the same features calling plan. The rep promised me that it would be all fixed and straightened out in my October statement. Guess what? The October statement is still screwed up. They still have me for the Triple Freedom plan. Amazing. I’m guessing that DirecTV gives a kickback to Verizon for every customer that Verizon gives them. I hope it’s worth it to Verizon, becuase now they have a seriously ticked off customer to deal with.

So my options are:

  • A cell phone
  • Asterisk, a VoIP system on a computer here at home
  • Vonage, or some other out-sourced VoIP service

What do you think? I’d love to hear some comments about alternatives to using Verizon.

One Comment

  1. phin says:

    Hi Mike,
    I ditched my verizon local phone (a bundle with caller ID, call waiting, etc) and replaced it with a cell from Working Assets (they use sprint’s network), for about the same price.

    Of course verizon bumped up my dsl fee by $10 a month…

    it’s still worth it, considering the mobility and the savings in Long Distance (for off-peak use anyway).

    and Working Assets won’t collaborate with the NSA’s illegal wiretaps…