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TV Sets at the Gaspump

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I just visited the BP gas station nearest my home. Sometime in the past week, they have added TV screens at each pump playing news updates and weather. Ugh! I wont’ be back, despite the convenience of this gas station. There is an Exxon across the road, which is just as convenient; plus at least 4 other gas stations along — Road that are also on my way. If I wanted to watch TV, I would watch TV. I get the weather in my car. Plus I know you are going to start playing commercials for the stuff you sell in the convenience store. Who needs 8 TV sets, all blaring their loud audio, slightly out of sync with each other, so I’m listening to a jumbled mess while I’m trying to pump my gas. I know you won’t remove these TV sets from this station just because of one complaint. but think about the people who won’t take the time to complain. Sorry, but I think the TV sets at the pump is a silly decision. Thanks for your time, Michael