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Run DOS on a Mac

I’ve never needed to run Windows on my Powerbook, but have needed to run some old DOS programs I wrote. So I would either use the Windows XP machine at work, or my ancient Windows ME machine at home. But today, I found an alternative: DOSBox. DOSBox is a DOS emulator for Linux, Windows (why?), and OS X. Very cool.


  1. Deep says:

    i have tried dosbox too. i love it. it can get old dos games like dune2 to work on vista. I didn’t know it worked on mac.
    you should get dune 2 if your in to that stuff. the main reason i couldn’t get those games to work on the original programming was because of the fact that the DOS prompt on mine wont go fullsceen. Its such a stupid little thing that prevents it.

  2. Todd says:

    I need help. I am a Wind Engineer and I work with programs written for dos. I have tried to use DOSBOX and BOXER as Dos emulators, but both respond back ” This program cannot be run in DOS “. The programs work fine when I use DOS on the very old Dell I have at the lab. The command prompt for running the programs is as below:

    C:\FAST>Fast Todd15.fst

    Once you are in the fast folder, typing “Fast Todd15.fst” tells DOS that I want to run the file name Todd15.fst in fast. It runs a bunch of analysis and come back with statistics for me. The program FAST was written by the National Renewable Energies Lab (NREL) and is a free download on their web site.

    Is this a program that cannot be run in an emulator? I cannot figure out how to use Terminal for it either.

    Thank you for your time.

  3. Hi Todd,

    I found FAST at . The obvious question to ask you: Have you asked them about the program? Have you tried older (or newer) versions of the program? Maybe a different version will be able to work under emulation. It looks like version 7 only works under Windows. Good luck.