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Beware of “Internet Corporation Listing Service”

Watch out for highly annoying yet legal invoice-looking things from the Internet Corporation Listing Service. If you register a domain name, you have to give a working address. That address will be sent a soliciation that looks very very similar to a bill. This is for an annual subscription for being listed in search engine. What search engine? Oh, “14 major search engines.” Well, the major search engines will spider your site automatically, so why bother paying anyone to ask the search engines to do it? Plus does not seem to accept credit cards. They want checks. Once they have a check, could they drain your account? I don’t know, but be safe: 1. Don’t buy services from junk mail; 2. Always check a web site’s privacy policy before giving them your personal information. (Note that does not have a privacy policy – hint hint) 3. Use a credit card to give yourself some protection from fraud; and 4. Put a unique address in your domain registration information so that you know where the losers out there get the information they use.

They do provide an email address to get questions about their services:

Here are some other sites that comment on ICLS.