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Re: ProCare: It’s about time someone noticed

I just called the staff at the Apple Store Clarendon to get clarification. They said it is per person, and they don’t really track how many computers you bring in, but if you were to bring in a different computer every day for the “annual cleaning” service they’d suggest I purchase more ProCare accounts. And […]

Re: The Truth about the “Apple Tax”

Another huge issue to keep in mind is that the people who are buying the $300 Dells are probably the ones who will need the most technical support. So if Apple suddenly had a zillion new users buying $300 Mac Pamphlets instead of the $1,100 Mac Book, Apple would have a lot more tech support […]

Apple Front Row

The new iMacs with the embedded iSight camera also have a nifty piece of software called Front Row. It allows easy access to audio, video, movies, and photos. To make it work on other Macs, check out How To Install Apple’s Front Row.

I thought I understood web images

Just when I thought I understood how images work on the web; the differences between GIF, JPG and PNG; and when to use each type of image; along comes a new technology: color correction. The ICC (International Color Consortium) has a standard that allows for information about how an image should render by an application. […]

Microsoft doesn’t think things through

Microsoft has a web page describing the benefits of Windows XP But if you go that page in Safari (under OS X) the page cancels itself from loading. Yeah, that really makes me want to switch back to Windows. I found that MS page after googling a link mentioned in this article at Wired: […]

We got an iMac G5

We just got an iMac G5 from the Apple Store. Definitely check out the Special Deals section of the Store. We saved $350 there. The machine itself is really nice, it’s super quiet, enormous LCD screen. Of course, the bad thing about totally ditching Windows is having to get all new software. I’ll post a […]

Buy a Mac: Macs are Faster

And another interesting “Industry Analysis” at LinuxInsider: But Macs Are Slower, Right?.

Buy a Mac: Macs are Cheaper

Fascinating commentary at LinuxInsider: Macs Are More Expensive, Right?.