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Re: ProCare: It’s about time someone noticed

I just called the staff at the Apple Store Clarendon to get clarification. They said it is per person, and they don’t really track how many computers you bring in, but if you were to bring in a different computer every day for the “annual cleaning” service they’d suggest I purchase more ProCare accounts. And if I buy 4 ProCare cards, I get the fifth for free. So, yes this is a good value. Because the times I really need to talk with a Genius, I really need to talk with a Genius. And being able to schedule appointment for the next day is handy, as opposed to having to wait up until midnight. Thanks for the clarification Jake.

Original Message: MacMove is recommending the Apple ProCare card for better access to the Geniuses at the Apple Store. The major problem is you have to get a Procare account for each computer that you want covered. So for my small office of around 20 Macs, we’re talking an extra $2,000/year. At that rate, it’s cheaper for me to simply buy a new Mac when one dies. It’s simply not worth it to be able to schedule Genius appointments up to one week in advance. Whenever I’ve needed a genius, it’s been needed immediately.


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  2. Jake says:


    Did you see my update? You’ve got your facts wrong.

  3. Yep, clarified. I called my local Apple store, and they confirmed, with caveats. Thanks.