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Ultimate Category Excluder 0.91

I have released an updated version of my WordPress plugin, Ultimate Category Excluder. A few people are finding the plugin isn’t excluding categories at all anymore. For now, you can download the old version. Replace the file
ultimate-category-excluder.php in the /wp-content/plugins/ultimate-category-excluder folder with the one that is in this zip.

If this bug is hitting you, please send me the system info that is found at the bottom of the UCE settings page. I can’t reproduce the bug on my server or test server.

Note for Upgrading to 0.91

If you are upgrading to version 0.91, you need to choose any category to exclude from the Search column on the settings page. Then save the settings. And then go back and uncheck that category, and save the settings again.

I do understand your frustration. And I’m sorry this free software isn’t working 100%.