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Junk Mail Update for May 2011

I’m on my anti-junk mail kick again. I really don’t get that much junk mail, because I clamp down on the mail that we do get. These are the egregious junk mailers I’ve tried to deal with today. I went to their web sites to contact them. Hopefully they will respond to my request that they stop wasting their money with their junk mail to my home.

  • Chase (Ink Cash Business Card)
  • Comcast (six mailings in the eight weeks)
  • TCG (Theatre Communications Group)
  • Hendrick Honda
  • Community OWL (Form 1500 filed with the Post Office)
  • Best Pick Reports (a huge waste of money for this catalog report about local home services).

I also am receiving junk mail from the Domain Registry of America again. I can’t believe I haven’t written about them before. DRoA sends out junk mail that looks like an invoice for your domain name registration. It is a scam! While the mailing itself is legal, it is also targeted to make it look like the bill is for services you’ve already agreed to. The fine print acknowledges that if you pay the bill, you are actually transferring your domain name from your current registrar to DRoA. Their rates are horrible, anything over $10/year and you are paying too much! I’ve had several clients pay the bill and then I’d only find out what happened when I get the transfer request via email. I think I’ll need to file a Form 1500 on them as well.

On a positive note, I have stopped receiving the The Washington Post/PostPlus mailer. Call 202-334-7730. You’ll get the voice mail for a gentleman who works at the Post. Be polite, leave a message with your mailing address, and the mailings will stop in about two weeks.