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Be careful if using They do not honor unsubscribe requests from their mailings. I’d suggest using a unique email address so you can disable it after you’ve used their services. I’ve emailed their privacy office asking about this. If a week goes by, I’ll escalate to TRUSTe.

I originally signed up with them on October 9th, 2007, unsubscribed on March 24, 2008 (after they emailed me five months after my last contact with them), and then again today (June 2, 2008) two months after opting out.


  1. Amir M says:

    I’m very sorry you weren’t properly removed from our email list. I did a little digging and it looks like you may have more than one account on file with us under different email addresses. One of them was definitely removed from email circulations but the other wasn’t. If you’d be willing to give one of our licensed agents a call at 1-800-977-8860 we’d be more than glad to make sure that all of your accounts are added to our email opt-out list.

  2. Amir, Why should I call in? I’ve done the correct procedure according to the info in the footer of the emails I’ve received. It should be entirely automated on eHealthInsurance’s end. And I’ve emailed their privacy department (and not gotten a response yet). Why is opting out so difficult?

  3. Amir M says:

    Mr. Clark,

    I only suggested you call us because you appear to have created more than one account under more than one email address through our website. That’s what appears to have complicated things, and I apologize for any confusion. Certainly, if you follow our opt-out procedures for each of the accounts and email addresses you used, our automated process should work fine. I just didn’t want to assume that we had located all of your different accounts on file with us. I’d feel bad if we missed one and you got another email.

    As I mentioned above, we did find at least one additional account you had created under a different email address which had not yet been opted out. We’ll make sure that account is also added to our opt-out list right away. We certainly don’t want to send you (or anyone else) unwanted email. If you continue to receive any unwanted email from us, please check your records to see what other email addresses you might have used with us, or else feel free to give us a call.


    Amir M

  4. Private says:

    Was looking for health care, and gave our email address online for quotes. Worst Mistake! Within a week we starting getting a flood of spam/junk mail for health care from random people/websites! No use trying to opt out of each email you get, cause the spam will just keep getting worse! And before you know it, you start getting junk mail for everything and anything.

    It seems gives your email address to 3rd parties. Possibly sells email lists. Very disappointed with their website, and will never go through! Not recommended! We never used to get junk mail ever! Now it’s not stop about 15+ a day! We don’t have that type of time to go through each email and sadly probably miss important emails that leak into the junk folder. Much of the time we just empty the junk mail and ignore the whole folder.

    So be careful with providing your email address! If you want spam, then do! It would be nice if they could fix this issue, but doubt it!