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Comment Spam Rate

As I mentioned yesterday when I noticed I passed the 30,000 spam comment threshold, the comment spam rate on the blog has gone through the roof. I dug out some of my old backups of my WordPress database and generated this chart showing how many spam comments I’ve received. This chart is from December 14, 2006 (8,105 spam comments) through today (31,601 spam comments).

This chart shows the daily rate of how many spam comments have been received. The peak before today was December 14-19, when I was getting 143 spam messages per day. Since yesterday the rate has been 1,154 per day.


  1. fractalbrothers says:

    wow. that is a lot of spam. At least you are getting the traffic =)

  2. James Bavington says:

    Comment Spam increases the more established your site is, and the more incomming links that you have going to your site. I have just started a new blog on a new domain name, and once my first incomming link was cached, the spam comments started. Like ‘Fractalbrothers’ said, at least it is a status of how well linked and established your site is!