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Filmloop shared info with Mixercast?

Back on February 3, 2006 I registered with, probably based on Guy Kawasaki’s recommendation from his blog. I don’t think I ever did anything with the system though. I also have never received any email to that address. Until today. This morning I received an email from to my Filmloop address. A Google search shows some of the executive team from Filmloop went over to Mixercast. It seems wrong to take customer lists from one venture to another. It probably is wrong, but I don’t have a copy of Filmloop’s privacy policy from Feb. 2006, so it will be a hassle to find a copy of it.

Filmloop is now owned by Their privacy policy says they won’t share information. To find their privacy policy, simply click on “Sign up” from, then the link for their terms, then you can find the link for their privacy policy.

Also, the Mixercast email violated CAN-SPAM: there was no way to stop receiving the messages, and there was no physical mailing address. And they violated their privacy policy: “We will give you ability to opt out of any Mixercast promotional e-mails. Simply click on the appropriate opt out button to remove yourself from future e-mails.” They didn’t include the opt-out link. I’ve emailed Mixercast’s privacy manager, I’ll see how they respond.

(Update 8/25/2007 9:56am: The second sentence of the Mixercast privacy policy says: “For our complete Privacy Policy, click here.” Of course, there is no link at the “click here.” Sigh.)

(Update 8/25/2007 9:59am: Email messages to AND both bounced. Invitations was full (probably of bounced messages), and help doesn’t exist in their virtual mailbox table. I’m resending to other addresses.)


  1. insider says:

    Filmloop does not exist any more. The whole deal stinks, Fabrik and Mixercast are owned by the same investors, they share employees, etc. Hint: search for Filmloop+ComVentures. Personally I want to see their asses busted.

    Good luck with your quest, please keep us updated.

  2. Tony says:

    fabrik and mixercast share the same office so it should come as no surprise that they would share filmloop’s customer email database or any other assets acquired by fabrik from filmloop. fyi, at no time were there any members of the filmloop executive team employed by mixercast.

  3. Ian says:

    You can find archived copies of the FilmLoop privacy policy via at*/

    Tony is right, no members of the FilmLoop executive team were retained by Fabrik or Mixercast. The end of FilmLoop was a pretty sordid affair, and I’m not surprised that a blind-eye is being turned to privacy: