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Vistaprint Still Sucks

So, three and a half months after “closing” my account with Vistaprint (see Vistaprint sucks for details) guess what I got in the postal mail today? Junk mail from some loser motivation speaker series addressed to me with my tagged postal address. I always give a unique shipping address to companies I order stuff from. Then when they violate their privacy policy, I have proof. That’s so cynical of me that I have to assume that companies will violate my privacy that I have to do such things. But it’s not like anyone ever gets in trouble for not following their privacy policies.

So I visited Vistaprint, and tried to log into my account, the one that was closed. I spent a good amount of time with a Vistaprint customer service representative back in April, and told him to close my account. Well that really worked. I guess I now need to worry about my address getting further sold. The privacy policy for the motivational speakers says they will market the information they collect. I now get to file a Form 1500 on them.

I’ve now emailed Vistaprint and submitted my request that they close my account. Tomorrow I’ll be mailing them the request. Of course, at this point, I doubt they will really do anything.


  1. Alex Haak says:

    You people are not only criminals but stupid. I ordered 250 tickets, received 1000, at age 77 I could get rid of that many, even if I was 20,I received a 2008 calender in late August, it should it least have been 2009 jurks !!!!!!!!!!! I am sure it will not e approved

  2. Des says:

    Oh, I know all too well about vistaprint and how costly their inexpensive products/services can be. I’ve used them for a number of years now, mostly for their free business cards. Well last year out of nowhere (about 3 months after recieving my order) I noticing 6 sets of charges on my credit card that I couldn’t account for. Three were in the amounts of $9.95 and the remaining 3 were in the amounts of 14.95. I tried to look into the charges but after the run around (put on hold for a good 30 mins before a customer rep could even ask for my name), I decided that it was now costing me more money than I was charged just to try and resolve the matter. I bet companies like vistaprint pray for (&prey on) people like me. The charges didn’t reappear the next month, or the following two months after, so I thought I was off the hook. I was so mistaken, because 3 months later I was charged $9.95 and $14.95 — three times for each amount!

    My credit company provided me with two different companies and phone numbers to call and inquire about the fraudlent charges, one was called passport to fun and unfortunately I don’t remember the other. The criminal part is that after talking to a lady at passport to fun (her story was that I had signed up for her services when I placed an order with visitaprint) who assured me that she was closing my accoount I thanked her, hang up, and dialed the secomd company whose name and number I had gotten from my credit company–JUST GUESS WHO ANSWERED THAT CALL ALSO?!? So now I was really mad. we recognized each other’s voices right away and when she started trying to justify the charges I said to her very calmly “cut the crap, and issue a refund to my credit card for all the charges or I’ll report you!” She did it immediately and I haven’t had another unexpected charge on my card since. I alsoreduced the amount of business I do with visitaprint; that is until last week when I ordered a website from them — anyone know how to access my email box which I created under that domain name:-)?

    What can I say…Either their prices are very reasonable or I’m a glutton for punishment.

  3. Des, why would you use any company after having to yell at them and threaten them with being reported to your credit card company? There is more to a reasonable price than just the dollar amount you pay up front. The aggravation you went through with them should have been a huge flag for you to not do business with them again. When they see you come back for more, they realize they can do what they want and they won’t lose a customer. Stop supporting them!

  4. Adoph E. Hitler says:

    It appears that Vistaprint is a company posing to print cards, but in reality, it exists mainly to sell email addresses to other companies. I am glad that I ran across these derogatory posts. The company should be shut down and the Board of Directors be imprisoned. If they were in Germany, I would have had them SHOT!