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WordPress Commenting Plugin Needed

In the past few weeks I have commented on probably a dozen different blogs. And 90% of the time, my comment has been tagged as spam. I’m willing to guess Akismet is being naughty in its analysis of my comments. I use a unique email address at every site I comment on. The address is a hash of the URL I am commenting on. So I submit “Michael Clark” and “” and then (32 characters) For example, is one of the addresses that is entirely valid, and will get to me, but Akismet assumes that such a funky address is naughty, and blocks my comment.

I also dislike that even after the site has removed my comment from the spam list, Akismet tags my next message as spam as well. I thought that Akismet was supposed to learn from its past mistakes?

What I would love to see in the next version of WordPress (or would it be the next version of Akismet?), is some feedback to come back to the poster that their comment has been tagged as spam. Or if it’s been held as the first post I’ve made. Or if the comment has been approved and posted.


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  2. Carl Radly says:

    So why generate all 32 chars here ?

    Why not just go with 6 or so? something like ? I doubt then Akismet will label it as spam.