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Back in May (see Gmail Collection) I detailed my results in sending a spam-only domain’s email to a new account at Gmail. I just logged into that Gmail account, there are 55,460 messages in the inbox, using 402MB. All but three messages are from January to May 2006 when I stopped forwarding mail. In the spam mailbox are 353 spam messages that came in over the last 30 days. And then there are three messages that came in after May 11 that were missed by the filters at Gmail.

So I’ve just decided a more accurate test is called for, and one that won’t cause my local server’s hard drive to fill up every month or so is to move the domain over to Google Apps for Your Domain. Once I updated the DNS, it looks like things are working. It’ll be interesting to see how the spam traffic changes as the DNS update propagates. I’ll keep you informed.