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Re: Verizon needs to stop jerking me around

In Verizon needs to stop jerking me around Derek pegs why junk mail sucks. And a bonus, he pegs why Verizon sucks.

Just yesterday my office’s T1 line went down. I call the helpful UUNet number to discover Verizon owns UUNET, or MCI, or whoever the heck it is. I have more important things to do than keep up with the name of the company currently providing service to the service I have had for over 5 years now. It used to be when the line went down (which was rare) I’d call the 800 #, a technician would answer the phone, he could ping my router, and if the ping didn’t work, tada, a ticket was opened.

Now how does Verizon handle the same problem, my T1 is down? The phone is answered by a “customer service representative.” She isn’t helpful. Friendly, but not helpful. She takes down my trouble description. And enters it into some computer. Then an engineer will look at the problem to see if it really is down. Then they will start working on it. I should expect a call back in about an hour. Yes, an hour. Totally unacceptable. It actually took about 90 minutes before I got a callback. Luckily it was fixed by that point. Tough, on Monday I start searching for a new broadband provider.

And yes, the 800# first thing says to try to get help on their web site. The same thing they say when I called in about my DSL being down a few months ago. I hate systems that are created by someone that doesn’t use the system.