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Funny blog comment spam attempt

While clearing out the spam that has accumulated on one of my blogs (and been successfully caught by WordPress’ Akismet spam filter) I saw this gem:

Bush’s ties to Israel go back to debt consolidation and reduction

WASHINGTON If there’s a starting point for George W. Bush’s attachment to Israel, it’s the day in late 1998 when he stood on the hilltop where Jesus is thought to have delivered the Sermon on the Mount, and, eyes brimming with tears, read aloud from his favorite hymn, “Amazing Grace.” “He was debt consolidation and reduction emotional. It was a tear-filled experience,” said Matthew Brooks, a debt consolidation and reduction Jewish Republican who

The underlined portions were links to some idiot spammer’s web site. It came from IP address: I found several other similar attempts, from the same address.

Danish star delights Birmingham City boss

Birmingham City manager Steve Bruce was pleased with his poker betting signing, striker Niklas Bendtner after his poker betting goal in the opening Championship game of the season, just days after joining on loan from Arsenal.


  1. Spamhuntress says:

    I finally took the time to run him down. Been getting a LOT of that spam too:

  2. Mr.FunnyJunk says:

    I’m getting tons of those daily. What I’m really pissed are those fake trackbacks that appear in my comments. How do I actually block those?