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Can’t scroll over Google Ads?

Has anyone noticed that you can’t scroll over Google Ads? Is this new? If I’m on a web page that has some Google Adsense ads, and I scroll down the page using my mouse’s scroll wheel, the page stops scrolling if I happen to go over an ad. I have to move the mouse cursor below the ad to be able to move it again. This is extremely bad, it hurts the usability of the web significantly. It doesn’t seem to be every site that does this, so there must be something different going on. More research is needed.

One Comment

  1. Josh says:

    Hi- I actually experienced this as well, I am use an MBP and experience this behavior when using two-finger scroll on any Weblogs, Inc. sites (TUAW, Engadget, BBHub, etc.)

    Any ideas? (as I have no idea about web design or anything like that)

    Nice to know im not the only person out there who thinks they are crazy because this is happening to them!!