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National Geographic Adventure magazine

I stumbled across this page: One Day at a Time on the Five-Million-Step Program. I read the article, but at the end of the page was told to read the rest I should buy the June/July (2004!) issue of the magazine. Nice. This is what I asked the editors at the magazine:

I just stumbled across the article at At the bottom of the page it says to read the rest of the article I should “pick up the June/July issue of Adventure.” You really expect me to find an issue of your magazine in a library from nearly two years ago? That’s really quite unrealistic. Who’s going to go through that effort? What you should be doing is adding the text to the page when the next issue comes out. So when you published August/September 2004, the June/July 2004 articles should have been posted in their entirety. I’d love to know your thinking about why you don’t have old articles online. Thanks, Mike