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Doh! Page title is important!

I was just reading my friend Derik‘s blog. He was saying he regularly googles himself (no, that’s nothing dirty) to see if he is the top “Derik” listed. So of cource I googled myself, and I’m not even the first page! One problem is that Michael Clark is a very common name. If I google my full name Michael Boyd Clark I come up first. It turns out I really messed up my home page’s title, by putting “” as the title. I changed that to Michael Clark, and we’ll see if that helps me out. I also noticed I didn’t even have my own name on the home page of the site! I’ve fixed that too.

One Comment

  1. Mike says:

    I can relate to the google search problem…it’s taken me quite a while, but I finally have myself turning up #1 on Google searches. I happen to have the same name as a well-known musician, so this wasn’t easy. I get a chuckle now, though, because I’ve been watching this other Mike (or his webmaster) change his descriptions and page titles almost daily, but to no avail. I really don’t know what combination I stumbled across that is doing the trick, but I’ve been at the #1 spot for quite some time now. By the way, I sure enjoy your site – lots of information and entertainment!