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"FTC Recommends ISPs Disconnect Spam Zombies"

Found at SlashDot:

CNN is carrying a story about the the FTC’s plans and concerns around spam zombies. They say they will be identifying such zombie hosts and notifying ISPs, and are recommending that the ISPs disconnect indicated users. There’s also a recommendation likely to raise the ire of the geekier sorts: that ISPs only permit users to send mail through their own servers (presumably by blocking port 25 outbound).” From the article: “Law enforcers in 25 other countries, from Bulgaria to Peru, are also participating in the campaign, the FTC said. Absent from the list of cooperating countries was China, where experts say rapid growth and a relative lack of technical sophistication have led to a large number of zombie computers.”

Well, duh, ISPs sohuld kill off any infested computer. Heck we should just slashdot any zombied computer. As for the Port 25 blocking, no. that is a short term fix that only annoys those of us who now what we’re doing, and aren’t the ones infected anyways.