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You can customize tons of Eudora settings by using s. They are mostly defined at X-Eudora-Settings.txt. All you do is copy the tag to a new message in Eudora. It will become a link, double click it, and then change the options.

A very useful one is: . It allows you to change the text when you reply to a message. I use the string: “At ^3 ^1, ^0 wrote:” to show “At time date, person wrote:” and the time, date, and the original sender’s name are placed automatically before the quoted earlier message.

Several years ago, I added in a Eudora setting that reads aloud the “bad” words in incoming messages. Unfortunately, that code is not publicly listed on the eudora web site any more, and I have no idea how to turn it off now. So I have to mute my computer when it starts spewing obscenities.


  1. Matt Wills says:

    My only issue with the x-eudora-settings is that, while there are to obtain a list of the settings, noplace tells you what the various code characters mean. Line feeds in strings, for instance.

    I now know that ^3 is the time, ^1 is the date, and ^0 is the email address of the person to whom you are replying. I would rather that be the person’s name, but I can live with it.

    A plugin called SuperSleek used to give you Settings to control a variety of things, but I have had no luck with that in 6.2.1.

  2. Well, on my Eudora (6.2.3 on OS X), my value of is At ^3 ^1, ^0 wrote: which gives me this string:

    At (time) (date), (person\’s name) wrote:

    I\’ll experiment some and see what other codes I can see.

  3. Jim Nichols says:

    Hello! How do I do the XSettings change in Eudora 3.0? I need to change the SMTP port.