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A copy of the MEDG spam

From January 10-11, 2005:


MEDG – Our Best Pick With Rapid Growth Expected.

MediaNet Group Technologies (MEDG) $1.43.

And it is at a whopping 90 cents now.

There will be contracts with several Fortune 500 companies
being announced shortly. The very short term target
price is $3+. The company is expecting $4-5 million
to the bottom line in 2005. Based on 7 million shares
outstanding that would be earnings of $0.50 to $0.70
which would be a $5-7 target with a conservative P/E
of only 10. There are less than one million shares in
the float, so you could see a rapid price appreciation.
Trading above $1.50 should see the $3.00+ level early
in 2005. 82C9ynOx9)80wJ8

In today’s world, building and maintaining a brand
has become increasingly expensive and difficult.
Maintaining loyalty for a brand is even more so.

MediaNet Group, through it’s branded portal and branded
rewards Operational Divisions allows large and small
companies the opportunity to build and/or expand on
their brands quickly and efficiently – at an extremely
low cost.

MediaNet Group Technologies has developed unique
proprietary products, software and solutions for every
size business. We offer extremely affordable, simple,
immediate implementation, delivered as feature rich
turnkey enterprise solutions for corporations interested
in expanding their web presence and enhancing customer
relations – turning operational costs into profit centers.
The Operational Divisions include customized and branded
corporate and international portals, loyalty/rewards
programs, video and media production and distribution
and targeted industry internet applications.

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cartage,Please be advised that nothing within this email shall
cons titute a soli citation or an invi tation to get p osition
in or se ll an y se, curity ment ioned herein. This newsletter
is neither a registered investment advisor nor affiliated
with any bro ker or de, aler. All sta tements ma de are our
exp ress opinion only and sh ould be trea ted as such. We
may o wn, take po sition and se ll any secu rities men tioned
at any time. This report inc ludes for ward look ing
stat ements within the mea ning of The Pri vate Se curities
Litig ation Refo rm Act of 19 95. These stat ements may
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