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Tickets to the Prince William County Fair

I wanted to take my family to the Prince William County Fair next week. So I visited the web site to get information on hours and ticket prices. The PWC Fair is exactly backwards in how they charge for tickets. If I wait to buy tickets at the door, it is $14 per ticket (adults start at age 7, what’s up with that???). If I buy the tickets online, they cost an extra $1.98 each. But if I physically mail a ticket request to the PWC Fair staff, it is $4 cheaper. Well, the deadline for that is today, so I’d rather not do that, since there is no guarantee that my request be processed in time for our visit.

It should be cheaper to order tickets online than in person, or via mail order. So now I am planning on buying ticket when I get to the Fairgrounds. And now I am not as likely to go, since if the weather is bad the two days I have free next week, I don’t have any $$$ invested in going to the Fair.