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AT&T and Slamming

AT&T slammed me a few months ago. I made the huge mistake of giving them my street address when I called their slamming resolution center. I am now gettings tons of junk mail addressed to me as a “former AT&T customer.” Now I know if I ever get slammed, don’t give my mailing address to the phone company.

Luckily, I was able to get a prohibitory order againt AT&T from sending me more of their garbage.

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  1. Marquis Syler says:

    In Jan 2008 I signed up for Charter local and long distance. I had local calling only with BellSouth (no long distance). Charter confirmed that Bellsouth released my number. In Feb 2008 I started receiving bills from AT&T for local and long distance calls and service charges. I also get bills from Charter because they actually provide the service. I’ve tried to resolve the issue with AT&T, but their customer service can’t and won’t acknowledge the problem. No i get phone calls from AT&T call center 803.308.7402 and AT&T Credit & Records 843.308.7870. Both threaten to damage my credit. They claim they provide my service, but when we tell them to shut it down they can’t.