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Fix the P

Note: This plugin has been superseded by WordPress itself. In version WordPress 3.0 a function was added to correct this very thing.

WordPress is a trademark of Automattic, and is spelled with an uppercase “W” and an uppercase “P.” It should not be with a lowercase p, such as Wordpress. The Fix The P WordPress plugin changes the lowercase p in “Wordpress” to an uppercase P (essentially changing Wordpress to WordPress) in titles, posts, pages, excerpts and comments. Hopefully it avoids mangling URLs within those text areas, if for some bizarre reason you had a URL with an uppercase letter in it. If for some reason you don’t want a “Wordpress” to change, simply replace the W with the code W in your edit box.

This plugin does not modify the database or any system settings. I have tested Fix The P on WordPress versions 2.2.3; 2.3.1; 2.33; and 2.5.

Ideally, you should always save your posts, pages, titles and comments in the correct form, and not rely on a plugin to help. But if you have many posts with the incorrect spelling, or if you frequently write about WordPress, it would be unprofessional to have the product name spelled incorrectly, so this plugin is a good safety net to have available.


  • June 17, 2010: Plugin retired.
  • March 28, 2008: version 1.01. Updated internal URLs, no functionality changes. Tested on WP 2.5RC2.
  • December 13, 2007: Initial release (version 1).