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Traffic Report Updated

Last night I ran the webalizer traffic report for this site. I was thinking that traffic had slowed down since I last ran the report in early February. I was basically right, with about 10% fewer pages per month viewed from February to October. But I’m still very pleased with the numbers. I haven’t done […]

Advertising Removed From My Site

After last week’s PageRank update, plus because the ads were making the site look very cluttered and busy, I have decided to remove all advertising from I’ve been experimenting with advertising on the site since leaving my full-time webmaster gig in February, 10 months ago. I have used Google Adsense, Adbrite, Project Wonderful, and […]

Usage Statistics for 2006

Summary by Month Month Daily Avg Monthly Totals Hits Files Pages Visits Sites KBytes Visits Pages Files Hits Dec 2006 16,805 14,609 8,793 2,809 41,165 5,879,258 87,079 272,604 452,882 520,955 Nov 2006 16,775 14,736 8,641 2,645 44,589 5,877,010 79,357 259,244 442,109 503,253 Oct 2006 17,839 15,504 8,547 2,765 50,249 5,956,179 85,739 264,966 480,629 553,014 Sep […]

Farewell Blosxom, Welcome WordPress!

I’ve finally completed moving away from using Blosxom for my blog, and using WordPress. I started out on Saturday morning by installing WordPress 2.03, looking at the options and methods for reading the data from Blosxom, designing a template, and then writing some scripts to manage requests that come in looking for my old blog […]

Happy April Fool’s Day!

I hope you liked my little prank. Here it is (my home page reversed entirely): (Click to embiggen.)

Internet Blog Serial Number

My IBSN (Internet Blog Serial Number) is 46-00-43-9745. Of course, I can’t tell if this is a serious undertaking, or a spoof, but the number itself is random. You can choose your own! And you can get a bar code too. Oooohhhh! Update: 2008-01-06 5:45pm: It’s a porn site now, so I removed the link. […]

Guess what happens on March 26, 2006

If the current trends were to somehow magically hold steady through the end of the month, I’ll pass someone else’s Alexa rank on March 26, 2006. Here’s proof (after all, if there is a cool chart [well, it’s not real cool, this is just a quick and dirty Excel chart], it must be true!)

And my PageRank is …

So, the Alexa thing is kinda geeky, but useless. What other metrics can I find? Google’s pagerank of course. I found a cool Firefox extension SearchStatus that shows both the Google PageRank and the Alexa Rank in the status bar. is a PageRank of 6. Booya. lol. ESBN 97339-060224-890526-68

Alexa rank at 690,887

Wow, Alexa thinks is ranked #690,887. Does that mean that there are only 690,886 web sites that get more traffic than I do? Wow, that’s actually kind of impressive. Here’s a traffic button/ad thing for Alexa: If you don’t see it, that’s because it is a javascript thing.

PlanetMike web traffic updated

Yesterday during the Super Bowl I ran the web traffic logs for And discovered that dozens of people at are leaching images from my web site for use on their profile pages. So I am now changing those images to be an ad for my web site. I wonder how long my images […]