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Twitter Updates for 2015-04-29

@serverpronto you have a security problem in your customer database, I’m getting spam at the email address I gave you in June 2011 #

Twitter Updates for 2015-04-17

Just got some a nice "newsletter" spam from GuideStar. Not heard anything from then since I signed up on Feb. 17, 2010. # Geesh, just got a call from “Kate” a computer working for Google Local Business Specialists. 703-672-7875 Jerks. #donotcall # Is there a way to disable the images that show up in people’s […]

Twitter Updates for 2015-04-08

@MailChimpAbuse Are you guys ? Still getting spam from a bad sender. Sigh. Frustrated in reply to MailChimpAbuse # @MailChimpAbuse I just submitted a formal spam complaint. Is there anyway to suppress/block any email from any customer to entire domains? in reply to MailChimpAbuse #