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Twitter Updates for 2015-01-31

RT @jeffcarlson: Apple, really, "Save As" worked perfectly well. This whole new Lion make-a-duplicate-and-then-save model is a pain in the … #

Twitter Updates for 2015-01-26

@Dilbert_Daily I guess the pointy-haired boss is the one who keeps breaking the RSS feed that includes the daily comic strip. Sigh #

Twitter Updates for 2015-01-15

I love my @blauermfg boots, but I hate that you are sending me junkmail catalogs. Do you sell my info as well? May not order from you again #

Twitter Updates for 2015-01-11

Received a scam phone call from 303-489-4730. Never give out your credit card info to incoming calls. Call them back at a known number! #

Twitter Updates for 2015-01-07

Maybe so, I'll check tomorrow when I'm on the computer. Thx #

Twitter Updates for 2015-01-06

@ViennaRSS Your RSS feed is busted #