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Twitter Updates for 2014-12-31

The Good: Calvin & Hobbes for $2 per book at Amazon Kindle Store. The Bad: can’t be read on Kindle for the Mac, only on iOS or Windows #

Twitter Updates for 2014-12-25

@AskAmex My wife just got an AmEx application at her parent’s home, to her maiden name. 19 years married! How do we stop this junk mail? # @AskAmex No, never. she gets these invites several times per year in reply to AskAmex # @AskAmex OK, I’ll give that # a call tomorrow. in reply to […]

Twitter Updates for 2014-12-16

Have I mentioned lately how frustrating Anthem Insurance is to deal with on the phone? Nice staff though # Wow, just had an incredible easy time buying dental insurance from @DeltaDental Every insurance company should do it their way! #

Twitter Updates for 2014-12-14

Is there ever a valid reason for directly accessing a php file in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory? #

Twitter Updates for 2014-12-10

@WDBJ7 You’d think the person would learn to look both ways before crossing the tracks! in reply to WDBJ7 # If you’re ever feeling lonely, sign up for the @LandsEnd email update list. You’ll get two messages per day from them! # @LandsEnd No, I’ve already unsubscribed. That plus your high shipping rates means I […]

Twitter Updates for 2014-12-05

@comcastbusiness Is there any way possible to please get off of your junk mailing list? Please? As a holiday present to me? #

Twitter Updates for 2014-12-04

@Avis Ended up having a good experience at my local Avis dealer/store/pickup place. Planning to rent again closer to Christmas in reply to Avis # Why doesn’t AmazonAWS require their customers to identify their bots/scrapers? Our only recourse is to block IP addresses. #