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Twitter Updates for 2014-06-28

The Wii fit won't count more than 1,999 days. I was exceed to hit 2,000 a few days ago, but it won't happen! #

Twitter Updates for 2014-06-26

@redplumeditor Why am I getting your postal mailings again? Does your web site opt-out expire after 6 months? #

Twitter Updates for 2014-06-22

@awscloud Spammer using AmazonSES, how do I report it to you guys so you can kill his account? #

Twitter Updates for 2014-06-20

@Radionomy Your unsubscribe link is busted in your emails. Please fix! Makes me think you are spamming! # @fulltextrssfeed are you guys down for good? How can we help your great service? #

Twitter Updates for 2014-06-10

I can't wait for this year's open enrollment so I can ditch Anthem Dental coverage. What was I thinking? Sigh #

Twitter Updates for 2014-06-06

Another spammer to block: #spam #

Twitter Updates for 2014-06-05

@TMobileHelp Your chat link expired. in reply to TMobileHelp # @TMobileHelp I actually just got off the phone with your number transfer and sales depts. It looks like I should get my new phone today in reply to TMobileHelp # Another new spammer to block: #Spam #

Twitter Updates for 2014-06-04

@VirginiaDMV Why is the DMVNow web site loading so incredibly slowly? #frustrating # @VirginiaDMV This page just loaded, and there isn't any content there! # @VirginiaDMV The site is working much better now, and with content. Tried in two different browsers before complaining about it in reply to VirginiaDMV # It seems that @Tmobile […]