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Twitter Updates for 2014-05-31

It looks like there is a security problem over at @kickstarter I just got spam sent to the unique tagged address I used there # @MatStace I got a Kickstarter spam too! I'm kinda glad it's not just me. in reply to MatStace #

Twitter Updates for 2014-05-30

Gettings tons of #spam apparently from "AchievaTecnogia" located at "Via Bafile 463, Lido di Jesolo, 30017 Venice, Italy" # @29years365days Could you enable the RSS feed for the web site? Reading your posts in Twitter kinda sucks. Thanks, great idea for a site! #

Twitter Updates for 2014-05-28

Got a scam email for 1-716-242-0405, #

Twitter Updates for 2014-05-24

Giggling at a typo involved in today's comic #TheFuscoBrothers Shouldn't a doctor know how to spell? 🙂 #

Twitter Updates for 2014-05-18

New spammer to block, #

Twitter Updates for 2014-05-16

Cox Internet/Phone service sucks. They just jacked our bill 33%. #

Twitter Updates for 2014-05-09

Just got more spam from a @ConstantContact customer. Really wish I could flat out block all email from CC. # @ConstantContact message forwarded. I also filed a complaint via your safe unsubscribe opt-out silly form thing. in reply to ConstantContact #