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Twitter Updates for 2014-04-30

RT @jmpalacios: Finally found the secret way to get Coventry One to respond to my health insurance concerns: file a complaint with the BBB. # Why does the billing department for CoventryOne Health Insurance suck so bad? #

Twitter Updates for 2014-04-23

@7LittleWords @blueoxtech Thanks, email just sent. Upgraded to 2.6.0, same thing still happening. in reply to 7LittleWords # @7LittleWords The game is still playable, just jarring to keep thinking I've somehow missed a daily puzzle. in reply to 7LittleWords #

Twitter Updates for 2014-04-20

@7LittleWords version 2.5.1 for iOS no longer shows completed daily puzzles #

Twitter Updates for 2014-04-19

@Walmart Why don't you honor my email newsletter opt-out request? I keep getting your ads! Stop spamming me. #

Twitter Updates for 2014-04-18

I just love how the robots ignore robots.txt # @planetmike Of Course, the EasouSpider bot doesn't even request robots.txt at all in reply to planetmike #

Twitter Updates for 2014-04-11

@letterpressapp what is happening with the multiple accounts showing up while playing? #

Twitter Updates for 2014-04-10

@backblaze I got an email telling me you had shipped my hard drive after I already received the hard drive. Communication problems! in reply to backblaze #

Twitter Updates for 2014-04-09

@backblaze I actually received my hard drive this morning. But the web site still says "Preparing" Better communication would be great! in reply to backblaze #

Twitter Updates for 2014-04-08

@backblaze How do I get a useful status update for my hard drive restore? Web site just says "preparing" and it's been a week already. # @backblaze No support ticket #, but I placed a hard disk restore order on "Mar 31. 23:26" And it still says "preparing" under My Restores in reply to backblaze […]

Twitter Updates for 2014-04-06

Of all the search-bots in the world, I think I feel the most loathing or hatred for Baiduspider #