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Twitter Updates for 2014-03-29

A new spammer to block: Hey @Chrylser, don't spam! #

Twitter Updates for 2014-03-27

Why isn't the #NCISNoLa episode of #NCIS showing up on iTunes? Or is it "officially" a different series, so not part of subscription? #

Twitter Updates for 2014-03-25

The Anthem web site won't let you paste your password into the login box. Why do insurance companies suck so much? @AskAnthem #

Twitter Updates for 2014-03-22

Here's another spammer to block: # @EmailDirect Why do you allow spammers to use your services? #

Twitter Updates for 2014-03-21

@shawnblanc Shouldn't you need to move your watch from 30 to 1, not 31 to 1? I hope after 31, 1 comes automatically! 🙂 # @shawnblanc Right, but your article says you have to shift it manually from 31 to 1. in reply to shawnblanc #

Twitter Updates for 2014-03-18

When I ask you to stop sending me emails because they aren't relevant to my site's market or field, stop sending the emails. #

Twitter Updates for 2014-03-16

It's amazing to me how much suckage there is in the Coventry Healthcare (owned by Aetna) billing system. #frustrated #Obamacare # @AetnaHelp No one at Coventry billing is around on weekends. And auto-pay hasn't kicked in, so I'm "behind" on paying my premiums. in reply to AetnaHelp # @AetnaHelp What email address to use? in […]

Twitter Updates for 2014-03-15

Another spammer to block: # It's a shame that Anthem uses spammers to sell their services. I guess I'll never use Anthem for health insurance @askAnthem #

Twitter Updates for 2014-03-04

Ugh, I hate the new Google Maps interface. Things are "responsive" in new/different/frustrating ways # Apple: please keep the Mavericks command-tab bar on the screen I want it on. Randomly changing screens is annoying # @alfredapp Remove erogenous 'Name' ? I really hope you meant erroneous, unless Alfred is getting lots of new features and […]

Twitter Updates for 2014-03-01

RT @_mikeweber: I have three monitors and the cmd+tab menu on Mavericks keeps jumping screens between sessions. Anyone have a fix? # RT @trepmal: Anyone else on Mavericks with multiple screens experience an issue where the primary screen switches? e.g. cmd+tab app switche… # RT @pathogenomenick: CMD-Tab seems a bit broken on Mavericks… any ideas? […]