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Twitter Updates for 2014-02-26

@FluidApp I constantly get requests for access to the keychain, "Always Allow" has no effect. # What's with all these scummy attacks looking for random .php files in the #WordPress wp-admin and wp-includes directories? #

Twitter Updates for 2014-02-17

Last night watched the James Bond Skyfall movie. Feel asleep, was an incredibly boring movie with screwy plot, didn't finish it #

Twitter Updates for 2014-02-16

Why don't grocery stores have their inventories online? Amazon needs to buy a chain and do things right. # Netflix isn't working on my appletv. Sigh. Netflix is down. # Netflix works on Wii and iPad, but not on the AppleTV. Sigh. #

Twitter Updates for 2014-02-15

Here are some new spammers, zenitory dot com and #

Twitter Updates for 2014-02-12

Here's a new spammer to block: # I finally saw the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show, thanks to the new AppleTV channel. And it was free! #

Forgotten iPad Restriction Passcode

Several years ago I set a passcode on my iPad so that I couldn’t accidentally purchase something inside an app. Unfortunately, for whatever reason I didn’t use my “regular” passcode. I finally sat down and “hacked” my own iPad so that I could make a few purchases, mostly apps that I use and I wanted […]

Twitter Updates for 2014-02-07

Just blocked a new spammer (pardon, email marketer) working under to # Getting my first spam messages (three today) from the .asia tld. Amazed it took so long to happen. #

Twitter Updates for 2014-02-03

I'm sorry that the Muppets sold out for some silly advertising #