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Twitter Updates for 2014-01-30

@jemsconnect In the article "Young Athlete’s Abdominal Pain Indicative of More" aren't all of our patents under 251 years old? Typo? #

Twitter Updates for 2014-01-28

Here's a new spammer to block: sending me garbage I never asked for! # It looks like it is time for me to pro-actively block the Yahoo SlurpBot from abusing my sites # @Buckaroo_Rick Or you could just make sure that your site/system isn't sending out things to people who haven't signed up for […]

Twitter Updates for 2014-01-27

Does anyone else dislike OS X Mavericks? It is very sluggish switching between apps. Is it App Nap being "helpful"? #frustrated #

Twitter Updates for 2014-01-23

@SteveinaSpeedo The "Excuses" picture is Josh Sundquist @JoshSundquist, His book talks about his Olympic dreams # What the heck is the MoodleBot and why is it hitting my site every 5 minutes? No robots.txt, excessive! #badbot #

Twitter Updates for 2014-01-18

Weird, I got an email "The Year in Kickstarter 2013" to an email address I don't remember ever using at Kickstarter. Spam? #

Twitter Updates for 2014-01-14

@backblaze Is there an option somewhere to alert me when a computer hasn't been backed up in longer than X days? 481 days is dangerous! # Make sure you block for spamming as well as mat[1-4].net # And I forgot to recommend to block for spamming as well # @backblaze Apparently that doesn't […]

Changing the OS X Mavericks Command Prompt

In your home directory, add this line: export PS1=”\d, \t\n \w \$ ” to your .bash_profile settings file. This will have your command prompt appear with the current date, current time, a line break, and then the complete path to the directory you are in. The variables you can use include: \a an ASCII bell […]