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Twitter Updates for 2013-11-29

What's with all the blog comment spam hawking bags, sportswear and other clothing? # @Secondspin What's up with your web site? It's been dead when I tired to access to today and yesterday. #

Twitter Updates for 2013-11-28

Frustrated with getting the runaround from @AskSunTrust after they charged me for checks I never ordered. Can only dispute in person! #

Twitter Updates for 2013-11-22

Wow, the Western Virginia Water Authority is in the 1800s. Huge deposits, autopay has to be mailed in, and a startup account fee. # Just got a bizarre phone call from @Humana reminding me that they cancelled my health insurance effective Jan. 1st # I finally wrote out some hints and tips for LetterPress @letterpressapp […]

Longest LetterPress Game?

My dad and I played LetterPress last March and ended up playing 1,578 words. We made a few mistakes early on that cost us a few extra words. We probably could’ve gotten close to 1,600 had we paid closer attention. Here are some tips and hints for doing a long LetterPress game: Hope for only […]

Twitter Updates for 2013-11-20

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate Facebook's interface? How can someone write on my wall that I can't see what they wrote? #

Twitter Updates for 2013-11-19

@AskSunTrust So why don't you guys check the 888-5OptOut list before starting to market to me? I've been on there for *years* in reply to AskSunTrust # A site like IEEE Spectrum shouldn't have interstitial ads. #

Twitter Updates for 2013-11-18

looks like is a scammer/abuser of some sort through # Hey @SunTrust Stop sending me pre-approved credit offers and telling me to opt-out at 888-5OPT-OUT. I've already done that! # Hey @AskSunTrust Stop sending me pre-approved credit offers and telling me to opt-out at 888-5OPT-OUT. I've already done that! #

Twitter Updates for 2013-11-16

just blocked for sending #spam using which is apparently the same as # So far not thrilled with @WellsFargo . They send me a privacy notice, but when I call to opt-out they've never heard of me # @Ask_WellsFargo You bought my mortgage, sent me a privacy notice, when I called to […]

Twitter Updates for 2013-11-15

You can't fill out IRS forms on the site outside of regular business hours. Does the IRS know how the web works? # @Lowes Fix your search system. It's frustrating to have to look through 46 search results for nothing to be in stock at any local store. # How does not allowing cell […]

Twitter Updates for 2013-11-14

Oh boy, fighting another mass WordPress login attack. 444 attempts in 36 minutes. # And now I've logged 685 login attempts today to one of WordPress sites. And we now have 685 blocks! #