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Twitter Updates for 2013-10-31

Get it free: Two Weeks Of Free Learning At via @StackSocial #

Twitter Updates for 2013-10-28

"You got to admit that each party is worse than the other."- Will Rogers. Vote for @RobertSarvisVA next week in Virginia #

Twitter Updates for 2013-10-27

You know @AskCapitalOne if you can't do something online, such as change a mailing address, why have the option listed? # @AskCapitalOne Yeah, and I got a note back saying I had to fax something in or visit a branch. #argh in reply to AskCapitalOne # @AskCapitalOne Well, I faxed the info. It's just a […]

Twitter Updates for 2013-10-26

@Dell Your junk mail opt out page is busted It gives an error when I hit Confirm #

Twitter Updates for 2013-10-24

Did @VerizonWireless change the rules on iPad 3G service plans? I can't cancel my plan before the end of my month? #

Twitter Updates for 2013-10-19

Hey @volumedrive kill your user. Tons of spam this week from to # @challies your site just showed 58 "new" articles in its feed. The author field is messed up on a bunch of them # @VZWSupport I turned off and restarted the iPad. First time having this problem. iOS 6.1.3 I believe, […]

Twitter Updates for 2013-10-17

What's wrong with Verizon Wireless? I can't add data to my iPad for my upcoming trip. "Unexpected Error" # @VZWSupport iPad 2, 16GB, 3G. Haven't restarted it yet. Really don't want to entirely reset it. I tried to start a new 30 day cycle today. in reply to VZWSupport #

Twitter Updates for 2013-10-15

@ipinfodb the command line lookup ( isn't working, returns "ERROR;Invalid format.;(IP);; ". using version 1.4. # @ErrataRob Please fix your rDNS for <–> (in regards to today's xmlset_roodkcableoj28840ybtide scan) #

Twitter Updates for 2013-10-11

@roanoketimes Thanks for the pizza #spam this morning. Next time ask permission before signing me up for a new list. #notpleased #

Twitter Updates for 2013-10-09

So Congress needs to authorize less? Hmmm, asking them to do their job? #debtceiling # RT @BankruptingAm: Raising the #debtceiling doesn't technically add to our #debt but without spending cuts, it will keep us on an unsustai‚Ķ # If you're running for political office, do NOT call me! If you do call me, you lost […]