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Twitter Updates for 2013-09-25

Fending off a web attack from China. I feel like blocking the whole country. # Why do so many people get caught up on the price of a phone? The real price is in the contract over two years. #

Twitter Updates for 2013-09-23

@claning Good to know. Two different DQs here only give the soda lids. Quite frustrating. #FirstWorldProblems in reply to claning #

Twitter Updates for 2013-09-21

Just had a 20+ minute wait in line at @BurgerKing . Manager said they were understaffed today. Lots of people left/got refunds #

Twitter Updates for 2013-09-20

I hate the soda cup lids on @DairyQueen Blizzards. What happened to the tall lids? #

Twitter Updates for 2013-09-19

The background music in #Survivor is much too loud #

Twitter Updates for 2013-09-16

@projecthoneypot Hmmm, the Project Honey Pot web site is down. "502 Bad Gateway" #

Twitter Updates for 2013-09-15

Look out for the WP plugin: ripe-hd-player I'm seeing scans for it. There must be a security vulnerability in it. #wordpress # Yet more abuse from an Amazon Web Service customer. Ugh, getting closer to blocking all of AWS proactively. #

Ultimate Category Excluder 0.96

I went back to version 0.84 and basically recreated that version as version 0.96. I do hope this fixes the bugs that are breaking people’s web sites. I have also applied to WordPress for a beta version of the plugin to be listed in the Plugin Directory. That way I can test new versions on […]

Twitter Updates for 2013-09-11

@ChaseSupport I knew it wouldn't help. More junk mail today from Chase. Banks will never change. And Chase will never get my business! in reply to planetmike # @ChaseSupport Ok. thanks. in reply to ChaseSupport #

Ultimate Category Excluder 0.94

I have released an updated version of my WordPress plugin, Ultimate Category Excluder. This is version 0.94, which addresses the home page bug in the previous version. I do have a bug report about another page, but since this version should fix the problem for most people, I’m releasing it now. Thanks for your patience, […]