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Sites Elsewhere for August 31st

The Brooks Review: Encrypting Stuff Against Starbucks Hacker Bob TUAW: Consumer alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud: practical software choices Matt Cutts: Securing your Google Account after a possible hack Vimeo: Waltz Around Saturn A great example of why space exploration needs to be paid for by the government, and not a commercial entity. These 200,000 […]

New Attacker URLs

An attacker scanned my web sites this morning for URLs including these files. zboard.php logx.txt wp-includes/wp-script.php wp-includes/wp-services.php wp-includes/class-wp-customize-client.php thumb_editor.php wp-includes/jahat.php wp-content/uploads/images.php None of these files are part of a WordPress installation. So if you see them in your system, give it a much closer look to see if something bad is happening on your site. […]

Sites Elsewhere for August 30th How A Tesla Is Made Desiring God: Drafted: why Chris Norman said no to the NFL The Price of Citizenship YouTube: The Habits of Highly Boring People: Chris Sauve at TEDxCarletonU Slashdot: Ask Slashdot: Speeding Up Personal Anti-Spam Filters?

Twitter Updates for 2013-08-30

@susanhbush No, only based on category. in reply to susanhbush #

Twitter Updates for 2013-08-29

Just found a VHS tape of my favorite DaaM: The Cutting Edge, w/ @mentalpod and @AnnabelGurwitch Are any shows like that on the air still? #

Twitter Updates for 2013-08-26

Why does text I've searched for in Safari automatically appear in the TextWrangler search field (command-F)? #frustrating #

Twitter Updates for 2013-08-22

@SteveinaSpeedo Quick transitions make the difference: #

Twitter Updates for 2013-08-20

Why do so many technology writers insert political commentary in their articles? Stay focused. #

Twitter Updates for 2013-08-14

Have I mentioned lately how scummy "ADT Security Services" is? # Just blocked for sending spam #

Twitter Updates for 2013-08-13

I just blocked the NetComber NCBOT. Uses AWS and asks for idiotic URLs while scanning sites # Just got email spam from MediaWhiz, formerly known as Text-Link-Ads #