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Twitter Updates for 2013-07-30

Just got a credit card scam robocall from (212) 669-7589. #

Twitter Updates for 2013-07-20

My email receipt from @minutekey didn't get to my mail server because mK's mail server is set up wrong. Fix your HELO setting! #

Twitter Updates for 2013-07-18

Have I mentioned today how much I hate @Experian_US ? Today they sent me a "survey" that asked nothing but will make them feel good #

Twitter Updates for 2013-07-17

Block this IP ( for systematic ongoing probes for vulnerable WordPress plugins # I just got screwed over by @Experian. Their system I have to pay for can't be accessed until I get something in the postal mail # Why does @ChaseSupport keep sending me junk mail for a credit card? You've told me […]

Twitter Updates for 2013-07-15

Why can't I hide the stupid "Games your friends are playing" section in my FB timeline? #

Twitter Updates for 2013-07-14

@backblaze the latest BB client for OS X 10.8 keeps eating Ram, causing system wide slowdowns and just now a panic crash #

Twitter Updates for 2013-07-13

I've decided to stop uploading data to @Strava since they've made it impossible to export data and blocked their APIs without notice # @TDAmeritrade It's a silly email to send at all. Look at your communications as a customer. I thought it was a phishing attempt in reply to TDAmeritrade #

138 Spam Comment Phrases

One of my blogs received a comment that had 138 different “comments” in it. If you receive a comment to moderate that has any of these phrases in it, you need to mark the comment as spam. And yes, the apostrophes were submitted as question marks. Hi, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this […]

Twitter Updates for 2013-07-12

Got a stupid email from @TDAmeritrade telling my current browser was IE7 and needed to be updated. I haven't used IE in 4+ years #

Twitter Updates for 2013-07-07

Happy birthday Burt Ward! Just watched a Batman episode I found while flipping channels. #