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Twitter Updates for 2013-05-13

RT @gdead: The more dire the warnings about mail fraud are on the envelope, the more likely it's junk mail… #

Twitter Updates for 2013-05-12

Lots of fun with Geoguesser. I knew my Geography degree would come in handy: #

Twitter Updates for 2013-05-11

RT @fatcyclist: Crashing sucks. # @fatcyclist Had my first (hopefully last!) major crash in February. No one told me biking was this expensive! in reply to fatcyclist # Wow, the @ZoomInfo database of employees and people is so bad. They think my company makes $10-50 million and has 14 employees! #

Twitter Updates for 2013-05-10

Why is it so hard to get customer service somewhat right? Sigh. #

Twitter Updates for 2013-05-04

I just received my first spam with a .pw TLD. Professional Web? Would anyone really buy into that? #