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Twitter Updates for 2013-04-29

I can't connect to #Netflix streaming, anyone else? #

Twitter Updates for 2013-04-27

I'm seeing lots of requests from Russian web hosts for /wp-content/plugins/wp_googles/mod_system.php , whatever that plugin is #

Twitter Updates for 2013-04-25

Listening to @shaungroves in a webinar on how to leverage social media for good. #Social4Good # @shaungroves Yes, very informative. Unfortunately I had to leave early, the car mechanic showed up to look at my dead car. in reply to shaungroves #

Twitter Updates for 2013-04-24

@TUAW 108% total iPhones sold this year? (53+33+22) Which number is a typo? #

Twitter Updates for 2013-04-22

I'm cleaning out the back of my closet. Found copies of MacWorld, Linux Journal, Sys Admin, and 2600. They were mostly from 2006 to 2007. # It's amazing how closely the magazines I subscribed to in the mid 2000's mirrors my current RSS feeds. #

Twitter Updates for 2013-04-19

I'm getting tons of abuse and spam from @OVH customers. I'm getting close to firewalling all of their IP space. #

Twitter Updates for 2013-04-18

@eHealthInc Your email database has been compromised. I just received two spam messages at the email addresses I gave to only you. # @eHealthInc These are email addresses I submitted to you in May and October 2007 # @fatcyclist The gerbils powering the TwinSix web server are tired! But I got registered! #100miles in reply […]

Twitter Updates for 2013-04-17

I had a good walk tonight in honor of the Boston Marathon with the group from the @LakeRidgeRunner Club #

Twitter Updates for 2013-04-16

@InovaHealth Promise? Last time I did this, you said the same thing. Now we're getting hand addressed junk mail from Inova! in reply to InovaHealth # @InovaHealth Sure thing. It'll come over in the next few minutes in reply to InovaHealth # @InovaHealth I apologize, a technology hiccup caused a delay in getting the photo […]

Twitter Updates for 2013-04-15

Tons of email hack attacks from Linode today. Sigh. # @AskAmex No I don't have an AmEx card. in reply to AskAmex # @AskCiti Thanks for writing back. I just sent the email. in reply to AskCiti # @AskAmex Ok, I'll give them a call tomorrow. Thank you for the number. Have a good weekend […]