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Twitter Updates for 2013-03-15

@clientsfh Isn't using a HS photo a (c) problem? If we make fun of clients who want us to break the laws, shouldn't we follow them too? #

Twitter Updates for 2013-03-10

@EnscriptedApp any hints for March 7th? I keep going in loops with all those short words # @riverfold Is $8/month for Searchpath per domain name? Is and $8 or $16? # @Yusuf_Areff @EnscriptedApp Thank you! That was a tricky one. in reply to Yusuf_Areff #

Twitter Updates for 2013-03-07

@CallingVault Do we make calls from our home phone via CV like we do with GoogleV? We pay for outgoing and incoming calls? #

Twitter Updates for 2013-03-06

RT @DarthNull: If I could “convert” books I own to e-book format, say for a buck each, I’d upgrade half my library tonight. # I am getting dozens of BingBot requests for trafficbasedsspsitemap.xml Please stop abusing my web servers! #