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Twitter Updates for 2013-03-30

1,578 words in one @letterpressapp game #

Twitter Updates for 2013-03-29

Just got a telemarketing scam call from "Lower Interest" at 616-613-2126 #donotcall # @SteveinaSpeedo Here's a comic for today: #

Twitter Updates for 2013-03-27

There are 329,337 people waiting in front of me for @mailbox. No, 329,331. No, 329,280. At this rate, I'll be in sometime this weekend. #

Twitter Updates for 2013-03-26

So it sounds like the banks in Cyprus are "too big to bail" # @letterpressapp Found a bug in the Letterpress replay slider stops, chart at bottom is broke. 1181 words so far! #

Twitter Updates for 2013-03-25

I've just redirected as Gone all requests to /trafficbasedsspsitemap.xml # @YouVersion Please tell Biblica I'm frustrated that NIV84 isn't available any longer. Now my 28 year old Bible doesn't match my iPad Bible #

Twitter Updates for 2013-03-23

@Bofu2U DioScout never requested robots.txt at all; requested never existing resources while "searching" for feeds; & the site is blank. in reply to Bofu2U # @linode OK, abuse report emailed, with server logs. in reply to linode #

Twitter Updates for 2013-03-22

Woohoo! At 793 words in @letterpressapp and no end in sight! # @linode how to report abuse to you? and are particularly bad #

Twitter Updates for 2013-03-19

@YouVersion What's wrong with the NIV84 translation in the iOS app? It keeps gibing server errors # OS X 10.8, screensaver login box continually appears. Why? #

Twitter Updates for 2013-03-17

Argh, @Pinterest is requesting non-valid apple touch icons. They want apple_touch_icon.png not the correct apple-touch-icon.png #

Twitter Updates for 2013-03-16

I'm blocking a new idiot bot scanning web sites for "intelligence" DioScout/1.7 from Their web site is useless #