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Twitter Updates for 2013-02-27

@ovh_support_fr Ummm, I'm not your customer, I'm a victim of one of your customers in reply to ovh_support_fr # @mostafamazen I'm struggling with Feb 25th EnscriptedApp. It's weird how the hard puzzles come in waves, isn't it? # @mostafamazen I never even heard of that movie. Thank you! in reply to mostafamazen # Just won […]

Twitter Updates for 2013-02-26

@ovh_support_fr And how do I that? Do you have a url I should use to report your attacking users? Thanks. in reply to ovh_support_fr #

Twitter Updates for 2013-02-25

@BlindFerret Besides the LICD comic being tiny in the feed, on the site after clicking through, you have to click on the comic to see it. in reply to BlindFerret #

Twitter Updates for 2013-02-23

Getting lots of hacker attacks from KimSufi IP addresses (e.g. @ovh_support_en #

Twitter Updates for 2013-02-22

@mostafamazen Back from vacation and totally stuck on @EnscriptedApp for Feb 19th. Any hints? # @EnscriptedApp Yes, very tough! I've been away for a few days, and am stuck! Any hints? in reply to EnscriptedApp # @sede7 Would you give a hint for Enscripted for Feb 19th? I'm totally stuck. in reply to sede7 # […]

Twitter Updates for 2013-02-19

@BlindFerret What's up with the LICD RSS feed? Comics are super tiny! Started a few days ago. #

Twitter Updates for 2013-02-18

@commoncrawl Please set up the reverseDNS on your IP ranges ( through according to your FAQ). Thx # Which @Jetpack modules require access to my WordPress site's xmlrpc.php? #

Twitter Updates for 2013-02-17

@sgregorybass Hi Steve, Did you use to work for the VT CSR? # What the heck was that huge boom? Shook the house! #woodbridgeva # An Online Journalism Manifesto: # Interactive Guide to Blog Typography: # @bpmarkowitz Is it possible to make a "state" created via Stately a link so people can get […]

Twitter Updates for 2013-02-14

@JeffProbst I'm glad #Survivor is back, but I hate when former players are brought back. And can you get cast without being a fan? in reply to JeffProbst # I'm so happy the #fans won the first #immunitychallenge on Survivor # @JeffProbst Francesca! For the rock diet in reply to JeffProbst # @JeffProbst why was […]

Twitter Updates for 2013-02-12

Why does WordPress need to hit its own XML-RPC file? #