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Twitter Updates for 2013-01-29

@Dotster I'm having problems renewing a domain, did you sell/transfer/move resellers to # @unhosted At the bottom of your old blog posts (#1 to 5), could you link to the next article? Scrolling back up is annoying/inconvenient # The CrystalSemanticsBot gives a non-existent URL for info about their bot. Blocked! # I can tell […]

Twitter Updates for 2013-01-24

What is xm.sml used for? Lots of requests for that non-existent file on my web sites today. # @StephanieLC88 @EnscriptedApp Maybe some "alcohol" will help you get the Jan 13th puzzle. in reply to StephanieLC88 #

Twitter Updates for 2013-01-22

@thebriefio Neither feed for "The Brief" gives an a article, they are both three sentences each. updated today at 2:36pm in reply to thebriefio #

Twitter Updates for 2013-01-20

@thebriefio no more full feeds? 🙁 Or is that an experiment? # @thebriefio used to be full, today it became summary only. Last 5 days reappeared today at 5:07pm as new posts in reply to thebriefio #

Twitter Updates for 2013-01-19

The ability to use @DropBox to restore deleted files just saved me some work! # Professional athletes aren’t heroes. This is a #realhero # Just got more spam from a Constant Contact client. I wonder if they really kill clients for spamming. I bet they just unsub complainers #

Twitter Updates for 2013-01-18

"It's only work if you'd rather be doing something else." – Abigail Van Buren #qotd #

Twitter Updates for 2013-01-11

Just got a telemarketing/scam call from 609-486-1006. Yet another complaint filed with #

Twitter Updates for 2013-01-09

@challies Tim, why do your recent A La Carte entries say December instead of January in their title? #

Twitter Updates for 2013-01-07

@PotomacLocal What's wrong with your RSS feed? It's only showing one word in articles published since this morning. #

Twitter Updates for 2013-01-05

I am so frustrated with iTunes Match. None of my ripped cassettes will Match with songs in the iTunes store. No one knows how it works. #